Doom Multiplayer Modes Revealed in New Trailer, Harvest, Freeze Tag and More

If you’re looking to soak yourself in blood even more than in the story mode, the new Doom multiplayer modes trailer might just scratch that itch for you.

The trailer, which was posted up on YouTube, goes over the six different Doom multiplayer modes that will be included in Bethesda Softworks’s newest game.

The first of these is Soul Harvest, a free-for-all game mode where players will have to kill enemies in order to gather their souls.

The second is Freeze Tag. In this game mode, players will have to work to freeze every member of the enemy team in order to claim victory, while thawing their own teammates to keep them active in the game.

The third mode is Warpath, a sort of mobile king-of-the-hill game where the two teams will have to capture the mobile control zone that circles the map in order to score points.

Three other Doom multiplayer modes were also revealed in the trailer, though since it only lasted 56 seconds they couldn’t get better explanations. Fortunately, they’re pretty self explanatory, and include the three requisite game modes.

Clan Arena is a way for FPS clans to be able to battle one another for dominance.

Domination is the game’s version of King of the Hill, where teams capture an area to score points.

And finally, the standard mode: Team Deathmatch.

All six of these game modes will be playable on nine multiplayer maps, but people that want to play Doom don’t have to worry about running out of modes to play: Doom SnapMap, a map-making tool that will be included in the game for free, will allow players to make new maps to play on, create new game modes, and share them in the online Doom community.

The trailer also brings up a new feature: first-person assassinations, but if you want to try out the Doom multiplayer modes for yourself you’ll have to wait until the game releases on May 13. The trailer itself can be seen above.