Deus Ex Mankind Divided Levels Sizes and Graphics Discussed

The color scheme of Deus Ex Mankind Divided is changing, but it is not the only thing. The developers have changed up a lot about the way they are handling the graphics and how big the Deus Ex Mankind Divided levels are.

While heading a presentation at GDC 2016, Eidos Montreal’s Graphics Programmer Nicolas Trudel has revealed that the game’s maps are really dense and really big that you could almost compare the game with an open world title.

Moving on, Trudel has also revealed that the Deus Ex Mankind Divided levels are going to include indoor as well as outdoor locations and that the biggest of them is one square kilometer in size. Not only that, this specific level has as many as 300 million polygons!

Under the hood there are 10,000 and 80,000 objects at any place in the game although all of them are not being rendered at the same time.

Moving on, the game’s graphical details have also been discussed. When you get to play it in the coming months, you will see that Deus Ex Mankind Divided uses a number of middlewares including Umbra, PhysX, APEX, Bink, Scaleform, FMOD and Nav Power.

It employs a temporal algorithm based anti-aliasing technique and also a temporal solution for ambient occlusion. Specifically for the hair effects in the game, Eidos Montreal is using an improved version of TressFX by AMD.

Last but not the least, it has also been revealed that the game engine, the Dawn Engine, is actually a very highly modded version of Glacier 2 engine by IO Interactive.

Do tell us what you think about DEus Ex Mankind Divided levels and graphical techniques being used by the developers.

Thanks, DualShockers.