Crackdown 3 Explosions Are the Result of Science, Deliciously Destructive Science

In a game like Crackdown, explosions will be a very frequent occurrence. Crackdown 3 explosions will not only be just as frequent, but also even more destructible.

When you’re a genetically engineered super-soldier working for an agency with little to no moral code, you can’t help but do what every person wants to do in an open-world game where you have that kind of power, and abuse it.

In Crackdown 3, you will have even more opportunities to cause officially-sanctioned chaos with the game’s brand new destruction engine. This, and the science of Crackdown 3 explosions, have been explained in a developer blog posted on the Crackdown 3 website, entitled “THE ART & SCIENCE OF BLOWING SH*T UP.”

Crackdown has always been famous for B.S.U.*, and as you all saw at Gamescom last year, we’re getting ready to take destruction to a whole new level!

Said Gamescom trailer involved a demonstration of the engine that Crackdown 3 would use, where a building wracked by explosions fell over, crushing more buildings beneath it as it fell before wiping out the side of yet another building.

Reagent Games, the developer working on Crackdown 3, is working on every aspect of the explosions to make them feel as good as possible, whether through the audio of the explosions, combat designers and animators, FX artists, and more.

The blog also went into the various ways that players can make explosions work for them.

Sometimes it starts with a devastating shockwave that explodes out and shatters the glass face of a nearby skyscraper — revealing the enemy that’s hiding inside, just waiting for your long-range kill-shot.

Some explosions spark and catch fire, sending opponents rushing from the blaze and right into your sights — or better yet, right into the path of the burning building as it crashes down from complete structural collapse.

Sometimes it’s all about “impulse” and using a precisely-timed blast to send things flying: launching cars into the air (and keeping them suspended there with a bevy of rocket shots); knocking enemies through walls — or catapulting them across rooftops — or hurling them into explosive barrels that have been daisy-chained around the city and triggering a pyrotechnic chain reaction big enough for all to see.

We’ll have to see how these explosions look when Crackdown 3 releases at some point this year, but if what we’ve seen in Alpha and test footage is only the beginning, who knows how big and destructive Crackdown 3 explosions will be in the final version?