The Division Phoenix Credits Can Be Easily Farmed; Here’s How

Once you reach level 30, you can enter the Dark Zone in The Division, and buy all best high-end gear and reign supreme in New York City. However, you will the special currency of The Division Phoenix Credits in order to do this which can be obtained in various methods such as completing Challenge missions.

However, thanks to a tip from VG247 there is a way to grind hundreds of credits in less than an hour. This trick will net you between 1 and 3 credits at a time, but only takes a minute to do, so repeating this simple method will farm you as many Phoenix Credits as you want!

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Making sure you have the Pulse perk equipped go to the Autumn’s Hope safehouse. Run out the door and make a right, then turn left and you will see four Riker Gang members that you can pulse in order to see which one is the high-end yellow named boss.

Make sure you focus your fire on him only, as doing so will net you the required 1-3 Phoenix Credits once he’s down and there is also a chance he will drop the rare gun Caduceus as well as some purple gear or weapons. Once this is done, let the other gang members kill you so that you can respawn and do the whole thing again and again.

If you go back to the spot and he doesn’t respawn then it means you’ve either killed his whole group or you need to do the supply drop mission to the left of his position to reset the whole situation. We have no idea of Ubisoft will release a fix for this trick so make sure you take advantage of it as soon as possible.

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