Rumor: Sony Working on a “Playstation 4.5”, 4K Resolution and More Power

Sony are reportedly working on an upgraded version of the Playstation 4, if Kotaku’s sources are to be believed. Tentatively named as the Playstation 4.5, the advanced hardware will include increased graphical power as well as 4k resolution, therefore rivalling it with many current PC models.

The PlayStation 4.5 will house an advanced GPU in order to support high-end 4k games as well as a boost in its processing power to coincide with the release of Playstation VR later this year. The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are designed to work with high-end PCs, therefore offering an enhanced performance over the PSVR, but this upgrade to the PS4 consoles would see a greater competition from Sony’s model. This would require a compatible 4k television though which isn’t common-place quite yet in the average home.

Playstation 4 consoles currently run at 1080p, but this boost in performance up to 4k would see a graphical improvement of four times what it is now for games. Currently only videos and photos are available to view with this higher resolution.

This news comes only a couple of weeks after Phil Spencer of Microsoft admitted that they are working on an upgraded Xbox One as well. However this would be a direct upgrade on the Xbox One as it is now as opposed to a whole new console like that being reported from Sony.

There is also of course the possibility of the Nintendo NX releasing this year as well, meaning there is a chance that all three companies could be releasing new hardware this year, making it a very exciting time to be interested in video games. The current gen could soon easily become the ‘last-gen’, with Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii consoles and games being consigned to history.

How do you feel about a potential PlayStation 4.5? Is this something you’d be interested in this year, depending on price? Or is it too soon to be thinking about an upgrade already? Let us know in the comments below.