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Playstation VR Launch Bundle Announced

A Playstation VR Launch Bundle has been announced at GDC 2016 for those looking to get a head-start with their Sony Virtual Reality set. The bundle will include the Playstation Camera and a couple of Move controllers in case you don’t have them yet.

The bundle will currently only be available in North America and Canada at the price of $499.99 USD or $699.99 CAD. It is yet unclear whether the bundle will release in this format in Europe as well. The Playstation VR Launch Bundle will consist of the following:

  • PS VR Headset
  • PS VR cable
  • Stereo Headphones
  • PlayStation VR demo disc
  • PlayStation camera
  • 2 PlayStation Move Controller
  • PlayStation VR Worlds (disc)

Playstation VR Worlds is a combination of five different Virtual Reality experiences. According to PlaystationBlog, “PlayStation VR Worlds you will be treated to incredible visuals as your dive beneath the waves, tackle 360 combat as you fight off alien hordes from all around you, or end up in a face-to-face interrogation with a deranged and furious mobster”.

This along with the Playstation VR demo disc will allow you to begin using the headset to its maximum straight from the off. The Playstation VR Launch Bundle will be available to pre-order from this Tuesday, March 22 on 7am PT. It is exclusively available for pre-sale and stock will be limited so once it’s gone, it’s gone.

The PS VR headset on its own will cost $399 which Sony claim will still be profitable at launch. The founder of the Oculus Rift agrees, and believes that this price is totally fair.

How do you feel about the price of Playstation VR, and do you think the bundle price is better value for money or worse? Let us know in the comments beloe whether you will be picking up this or any other Virtual Reality headset later this year.