Half-Life Fan Film “Foxtrot Uniform”, Good Enough But Could be Better

While Half-Life is quite possibly one of the slowest-updated games in history (a title that formerly belonged to Duke Nukem but we all know how that turned out), it’s nice to know that its fanbase doesn’t slouch around when it needs to.

A group of French fans have put up a new Half-Life fan film just today, Half- Life “Foxtrot Uniform.”

Foxtrot Uniform being military slang for “fucked up”, the title describes the situation accurately as a member of the HECU is left behind after the HECU evacuation, forcing him to contend with chaos at Black Mesa along with CIA Black Ops troops looking to kill everyone that HECU missed.

Though three of the CIA bite it immediately in a firefight, the HECU soldier is still forced to contend with a particularly psychotic-looking member along with the Xen monsters brought in via the Resonance Cascade, culminating in a brutal fistfight that ends with the CIA guy’s death via Barnacle.

Foxtrot Uniform is very high-quality, with very good special effects (the Half-Life Tau Cannon gets a good amount of screentime, and it’s awesome) and a fairly short but self-contained story.

The practical effects are also fairly high-quality: the costumes are accurate to the game, and a headcrab, two headcrab zombies, and a number of Barnacles are also seen and look fairly realistic.

The movie even goes into first-person in a few scenes to bring to mind scenes from the game.

Unfortunately the movie is not without its flaws, especially for a fan film; the dialogue is the typical action movie cheesiness (including bad one-liners and gruff-voiced soldiers), and as the creators are French the dialogue in English is dubbed over their actual speaking lines, and the lip-flaps leave something to be desired.

All the same it’s an entertaining watch, and Gordon Freeman himself even makes an appearance at the very end of the video.

If you want to check the new Half-Life fan film for yourself, you can find it at the top of the page.