Fifa 17 Receives First New International Women’s Team, Guess Who?

Fifa 17 is yet to be officially announced, but seeing as the game constantly tops the video-game charts throughout the year, especially in Europe, then it’s almost impossible to think that the next iteration won’t be arriving towards the end of the year as usual.

Supporting this idea is the fact that a new team has been unofficially unveiled in the form of the Norwegian Women’s National Team. Women’s football was added into Fifa 16 due to the rising popularity of the sport following the Women’s World Cup, so EA Sports are looking to expand upon this idea.

In the picture below, taken from Andrine Stolsmo Hegerberg’s Instagram account, the #FIFA17 hashtag is used along with a picture of the player seemingly being interviewed for the game. Hegerberg currently plays for the Norway national team and Kopparbergs FC.

fifa 17

Thanks to Spazio Games for the heads-up.

EA Sports are looking to update their annual soccer title as always, and adding more teams to play with will always be a positive step. On top of this we know that the Fifa 17 story mode is being worked on and possibly fleshed out.

Along with more national teams, Fifa 17 may also introduce whole new domestic leagues to contend within. When asked which leagues fans would most like to see introduced, the Turkish and Israeli leagues topped the list to many people’s surprise. So far we are only privy to using the women’s National teams, so adding the domestic women’s leagues would be the next natural step.

What teams would you like to see in the next FIFA? Would you prefer more varies Women’s teams or further more obscure men’s teams? Does FIFA still interest you each year or do you need a bit extra to keep you from crossing over to PES if you haven’t already. Let us know in the comments below.