Destiny Xur Agent Location, Items for March 18; Zhalo Supercell, Radiant Dance Machines

The good old gear vendor of Destiny, Xur Agent of the Nine is back again since it is a Friday today and he will be staying in the game for the next two days.

Usually, he would bring some items that appear to be on a repeat and some that are new. The case this time is similar too.

For starters, he is selling the Zhalo Supercell auto rifle for 31 Strange Coins. Also, he has with him Legacy Heavy Weapon Engram which he is selling for 31 Strange Coins too.

Moving on he has the Radiant Dance Machines leg armor which can be purchased exclusively by the Hunters class for exactly 13 Strange Coins.

The Titans can also purchase An Insurmountable Skullfort helmet from him this week for the same price as the Radiant Dance Machines leg armor i.e. 13 Strange Coins just like Warlocks can purchase Obsidian Mind helmet for 13 Strange Coins.

As far as the location of Xur Agent of the Nine is concerned, the Destiny players can get their hands on him close to the Speaker in Tower North.

However, be quick to get to him – or at least get to him before he leaves – because he will only be in the game until Monday morning 9:00 AM.

Check back with us next Friday for details on the next location of Xur Agent of the Nine and what he will be selling in Destiny.