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XCOM 2 DLC Anarchy’s Children Out Today, Brings Cosmetics Galore

The first load of XCOM 2 DLC arrives today and brings plenty of cosmetic upgrades for your characters.

Everyone seems to have a curious love for dressing their digital dudes up in fancy attire no matter what game it is and it seems Firaxis Games are allowing to indulge our desires. The economical success of League of Legends has clearly had its impact on the gaming world.

Anarchy’s Children will offer “100 new exotic customization options for your soldiers, including new hair styles, face paints, armor, lower face props, decals, helmets, masks and more” and is the first of three add-ons featured in the Reinforcement Pack.

In the next few months we will also be treated to the Alien Hunters and Shen’s Last Gift expansion packs as well, both of which will offer more than just cosmetics. Each expansion, including Anarchy’s Children, can be bought separately with today’s pack costing $5. The Reinforcement Pack will cost $20, with the latter 2 XCOM 2 DLC expansions presumably setting you back much more if bought separately.

Alien Hunters will bring further customization options along with a brand new enemy, whereas Shen’s Last Gift is the largest of the three add-ons and will feature a new soldier class along with new weapons, a map and an accompanying mission.

XCOM 2 released without too much trouble, but as always there were a few technical hitches but an update was released to help overcome some crashes, lost saves and problems with texture streaming.

How are you enjoying XCOM 2? The game already has a vast amount of customisation options at its disposal so adding in another 100 on top will offer a truly extensive choice. However, would you prefer to see XCOM 2 DLC in the form of missions, gear and classes as opposed to purely cosmetics? Let us know in the comments below.