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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Gets Alan Wake, Castlevania and Pac-man

With the imminent release of Quantum Break on Xbox One next month, Remedy’s biggest hit so far has become available on Microsoft’s latest console thanks to the Xbox One backwards compatibility service.

Alan Wake is a third-person psychological thriller horror game set inside the mind of fictional author Alan Wake who tries to discover the mysteries behind his wife’s disappearance. The game is designed much like a television series with episodes all containing ‘beginnings and ends’. This idea has been brought forward and expanded on in Quantum Break where a live-action digital series has been produced in conjunction with the game.

Alan Wake will in fact be bundled with all new copies of Quantum Break so if you still haven’t played it yet, Remedy are doing everything they can to make sure you do. A digital sequel was also created two years after the original called Alan Wake’s American Nightmare but this is currently only available on Xbox 360.

If you have already played Alan Wake and you’re looking forward to picking up Quantum Break then it seems you will be treated to some easter eggs of Remedy’s former project along the way.

Along with Alan Wake, Xbox One owners will also be treated to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night as well as Pac-Man, which is the 2006 XBLA version of the iconic classic. All three games can be downloaded for free if you already own the games on your account, otherwise each will need to be purchased separately.

If these games aren’t enough for you, then you can take a look at what games we think should be bundled with future Xbox One releases. With the addition of these three however, the list of backwards compatibility games available on Xbox One has passed the 130 mark, with many more to arrive if Microsoft hold on to their promise.