Watch Dogs Was the Begining of Something Great: Ubisoft

Watch Dogs was one game that dented Ubisoft’s reputation. It was overly hyped and failed to deliver what it promised. On top of that, downgrade allegations, dull lead character, and other complaints made Watch Dogs into a pretty forgettable experience.

However, there is always a silver lining if you choose to see it. Those who did can understand that the first game laid the foundation for something great. It laid the foundation for a much better game that could become one of the best Ubisoft IPs.

After the release of the first game, Ubisoft gathered as much feedback from devs, media outlets, and internal data. This feedback will help the publisher with Watch Dogs 2.

Creative Director Jonathan Morin said in a statement:

This project was ambitious from the get go so we were very excited to have this opportunity to feed our minds with so much player feedback. Add the press [feedback] and our own internal data and we now have everything we need to identify what worked and what could be improved. Watch Dogs is a great game. But it is also the beginning of something bigger.

He continued to speaking about Watch Dogs as a series:

It explores very complex design problems and it is a privilege to have so many players showing interest so we can continue to push ourselves. We are extremely proud of what we’ve created. Now the future is filled with exciting new learnings which, in the end, isn’t it why we are making games, to shake things up a little bit?

The sequel is currently under development and if Ubisoft actually did learn from its mistake, we can expect a decent game that will turn Watch Dogs into a notable IP.

What improvements do you want to see in Watch Dogs 2.

Source: Polygon