Veterans of Various Studios Provide Direct Feedback for PlayStation VR

We have tried PlayStation VR and let me tell you, we are amazed at what this device is capable of. I have mentioned time and again that PlayStation VR is on its way to becoming the first dominant VR force in the console gaming market.

Although we as fans and critics have shared our opinions plenty of times for PlayStation VR but what do developers think of this amazing device? We have the answer to that question right here for you today.

Some industry veterans from Ubisoft, Media Molecule, CCP Games, Highwire Games, and more have shared their feedback for PlayStation VR with the gaming community.

Direct Developer Feedback for PlayStation VR

First off, let’s talk about what Ubisoft’s David Votypka had to say about PlayStation VR. According to Votypka, PlayStation has the capability to change the “DNA of gaming forever.”

VR allows developers, for the first time, to empower players to become actors inside of the experience. This sense of presence — combined with unique mechanics that VR hardware like PlayStation VR allows us to create — will lead to new gaming experiences that were previously either not practical, or simply not possible.

Piers Jackson from Guerrilla Cambridge:

Day by day we are looking at original mechanics and concepts that force us to redefine many of our fundamental design philosophies. As gamers, PlayStation VR is providing us with new ways of both engaging and interacting with the medium and is fundamentally breaking the experiential barrier we’re conditioned to.

Vic DeLeon from Highwire Games:

In VR the world is all around you, you can look anywhere and it all has to look composed and beautiful… so you have to get creative. You have to go back to real world architecture and design spaces that make sense to someone walking through them.

Hilmar Veigar Pétursson from CCP Games:

At CCP our goal has always been to create the most meaningful virtual worlds. With the PlayStation VR we now have a fantastic tool to accomplish that goal in a way never before possible. When you play EVE: Valkyrie you are no longer a gamer staring at a television; you are a space fighter pilot. You are there, it is real.

The last time I was this excited for a gaming product was when PlayStation 4 and Xbox One came out. PlayStation VR is a revolutionary device that will act as the first brick of a massive VR structure developing in the console gaming market overall.

PlayStation VR will release in October for $399.