Until Dawn Rush of Blood Gameplay, Feel the Fear

PlayStation VR has been a hot topic of discussion after its announcement and a number of games and developers have already been announced for. To add more to it, we have Until Dawn Rush of Blood gameplay for you.

Unlike the original game, here there is no hunting lodge surrounded by wendigos. Instead, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood a literal rail shooter. Players will take the roll of a patron of an amusement park ride (the titular Rush of Blood), having to deal with what appears to be the “serial killer” from the first game. Only this time, he’s entirely willing to kill you.

He’ll apparently be assisted with this by a large number of masked, demonic henchmen wielding machetes and Molotov cocktails, which they will attack you with while moaning and screaming.

For all intents and purposes it simply seems like a regular arcade rail shooter; players shoot boxes and other objects with stars on them in order to increase their score multiplier, while shooting boxes with pictures of guns on them will give you weapons like revolvers, submachine guns, and sawed-off shotguns.

While the graphics aren’t the same high quality of the original Until Dawn’s (and neither is the gore) Until Dawn: Rush of Blood seems to be a fairly solid game with a number of good scares in it.

It fits with the story given by Sony that the first brace of titles for the Playstation VR will be relatively small games, much like how the Kinect was marketed when it was first released. The controls (if it was being controlled and wasn’t just a demo) also seem fairly responsive and accurate, requiring no arm-flailing like the Kinect or other motion controls did during their time on the gaming stage.

Whether Until Dawn: Rush of Blood ends up doing well as it piggybacks off of the success of Until Dawn, however, is another story, and who knows what else will be released for the Playstation VR in the near future?

If you wanna check out Until Dawn Rush of Blood Gameplay for yourself, check the video above.