The Top 8 Best First Person Shooter Multiplayer Kills

Multiplayer gaming wouldn’t be what it is now without the first person shooter genre. It’s a genre that gives players the opportunity to test their skills, and in some occasions even put them on fine display.

YouTube is littered with thousands of videos of gamers showing off their best kills, and while majority of them are certainly impressive, some are simply just more epic, more humiliating, and/or seemingly infinitely more impossible.

We’ve compiled some of the best multiplayer kills in first person shooter games, which we believe fall in the top 8 of the hundreds we’ve watched so far.

If you feel you have a better kill (only single/cluster kills, not streaks) than any of the ones we’ve listed, please do share with us in the comments section below!

Battlefield 3 – Aerial Kill by RendeZook

You may have seen something similar to this in Battlefield 3 and even 4, but really this one was the trend-setter. Not only was it an amazingly acrobatic way to destroy an enemy fighter plane, it was also incredibly humiliating.

Thankfully, RPGs in too inaccurate to test this in real-life, and somehow I doubt they’d let you carry one inside a jet fighter.

Battlefield 4 – Aerial Jet Kill #2

I mentioned how the previous kill by RendeZook was a trend-setter. Player Russkhof took inspiration from it and tried it himself in Battlefield 4. His presentation wasn’t as pretty (the annoying camera changing and the ear-bleed inducing screaming), but the kill itself was nothing short of extraordinary.

The fact that it was perpendicular to the direction of his movement made it even a tad better than RendeZook’s, in my opinion.

Battlefield 3 – Stun_gravy’s Insane Jet Swap

What would you do if an SU-35BM was chasing you, and you had a Javelin missile locked on to your aircraft? Any normal person would just eject and land in the (relatively) safe waters, but Stun_gravy didn’t want to be normal.

It takes a bit of wit, some insanity, and a hell lot of skill to pull off a mid-air sniper kill on pilot who is flying straight at you. It takes even bigger balls and skill to steal that pilot’s jet once you’ve done that. Savage!

Call of Duty: Black Ops II – Amazing Sniper Ricochet Kill

You’re probably proud of your 360-no scope clip and a few dozen scopeless kills, but you’ve got nothing on this one. It’s one thing to be an amazing sniper with great accuracy. It’s an entirely other thing though when you’re a sniper + physics expert.

This insane kill takes out a poor fellow who is not even in the shooter’s field of view. The shot perfectly ricochets off a pillar and immediately kills the victim. Is it luck or is it truly some near-perfect calculation, perhaps we’ll never know.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive – Long-Ranged Smoke Kill

CS: GO is a game that needs amazing aim, great tactics, and a feel for the map. What it doesn’t always need is you relying on things like smoke grenades killing people.

Player d3c + cams probably didn’t have any intention of getting a kill when he tossed his smoke grenade, but it bounced straight at an enemy by-passer’s face… and killed him. Remember folks: smoking kills.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive – One Shot, Four Deaths with an AWP

This amazing multi-kill probably has less to do with skill and more to do with enemy stupidity, but it’s a fine display of the amazing physics implemented in CS: GO.

Cornered, and almost destined to die, the player attempted to shoot just one of the five on-rushing enemies, but got four kills instead because of the impressive curve of the bullet trajectory. Lord Gaben showing just how good Valve is at making FPS games.

Titanfall – Satchel Kill

For a game that is all about massive mechs, ridiculously agile movement, and pretty powerful weapons, it’s kind of weird that an epic kill would come from a mere explosive satchel.

Yet that’s how it is with this epic kill. The player launches himself out of his Titan tossing a grenade at an enemy who was molesting his mech, then detonates it mid-air as he lands safely. I wouldn’t be surprised if the victim rage quit the match after that.

Halo 4 – Sticky Detonator Triple-Kill

Sometimes, the best kills are the luckiest kills. Dark Hole Games player was just moving about shooting sticky detonators at enemies, when all of a sudden he witnessed a triple kill pop up on his screen.

He just had to go into theater mode to see what the hell happened.

Whether it was divine intervention or pure luck, you don’t often get to see three blue-team players dying in such a hilarious way in Halo games.