The Division: Fall of Canada is an Amazing Piece of Art

The Division is set in New York where devastating bug has brought humanity to its knees. Chaos is everywhere and criminals run the streets. But what if The Division and its events weren’t limited to New York? What if chaos spread across the border to Canada?

Ubisoft has just posted a fan-made video called The Division: Fall of Canada. It is a short production that focuses on the fall of Canada due to the same reasons civilization in New York fell.

When Canada falls, artists rise.

When thousands of gamers shape the story on social networks, and when hundreds of artists bring that story to life through their art on the Fall of Canada collaborative art platform, the result is a uniquely Canadian vision of our country’s fall and rise, as told by you.

Thank you to everyone who collaborated on the project!

The video is not only a great piece of art but it lays out the idea of The Division Canada DLC. Would you like The Division to move out of New York in the future?


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