The Division Dark Zone Already has a Level 99 Player

Despite releasing just over a week ago, there is one huge fan that has already maxed out his player level in The Division Dark Zone. Taking him just 130 hours, he has reached the cap of level 99 and is now unable to progress any further.

The dedicated player is Redditor Chammer 88, who kindly posted a picture of his achievements today. You will notice that the The Division Dark Zone rank and level XP isn’t quite at its maximum but he claims that the numbers are stuck in this position for the time being, therefore surmising that the level cap has been attained.


Assuming this guy bought the game on release date, being Tuesday 8th March, logging 130 hours in this space of time would have required his attention for roughly 14 hours a day assuming he reached level 99 before today.

I guess if he took the week off work, assuming he does work, then that is an achievable target as I’m sure there’s plenty of us out there that can claim a sustained obsession with a certain game over a period of time at one point or another.

This is of course the first player that we know of to reach the maximum level, but if there is someone else out there with this achievement then they were a bit too slow to let the world know about it. Achieving this feat required 14,500 kills from Chammer88, as well as the cost of any free (or otherwise) time he has had in the last week or so.

As far as other interesting news about The Division goes, have a look at this amazing Fall of Canada fan-made artwork that was shared by Ubisoft themselves. On top of this the possible DLC locations may have been discovered including Central Park.