Take a Look at IBM’s VR Project Sword Art Online: The Beginning

Virtual Reality seems to be taking the gaming world by storm. The buzz around the Playstation VR and its price has everyone talking, but IBM Japan are looking to take Virtual Reality to the next level with their exciting project called Sword Art Online: The Beginning.

Sword Art Online is a futuristic anime revolving around virtual reality itself. The technology involved has advanced so much that it can track your senses to incorporate them into the game world, so your true body is completely out of it while your VR sprite is acting out your wildest dreams. It’s very similar to James Cameron’s Avatar movie if that helps.

Sword Art Online: The Beginning is the step in between today’s technology and that featured in the anime. Without the use of a controller you’re whole body is scanned to create an avatar within the game that will then react to your body’s movements. Microsoft’s Kinect attempted something like this, but with varying results and popularity so IBM Japan will be hoping their advanced technology will really take off.

A Japanese event is showcasing the VR experience to just over 200 people this weekend, out of the 100,000 people that applied to be part of the project. We’ve got a load of pictures courtesy of vg247 from the event showing the lucky few that got to try it out as well as some screenshots from the experience itself.

Does this look like something you would be interested in? Virtual Reality at home is strange enough with a huge headset strapped to your face, but having your whole body scanned into the game is something else entirely? Let us know where you see VR headed in the future and if you think it’s something you really want to be a part of in the comments below.