Sniper Elite 4 Pre-Alpha Gameplay is Insanely Violent

Sniper Elite 4 was announced recently and today we have a very interesting preview of it via its Alpha Footage. Our friends from Eurogamer visited Rebellion in Oxford for a hands-off Sniper Elite 4 pre-alpha gameplay preview footage .

They shared their opinions about the latest Sniper Elite 4 pre-alpha footage and gave us insight into what’s in store for us. The game is still under development so the visuals aren’t of best quality but you can see that Sniper Elite has improved upon its stealth elements, and have a more Assassin’s Creed like feel as well.

The trademark bullet kill-cam is still around and better than ever. I just saw a man’s testical explode when a bullet hits him right on the money. You can also see X-ray effects of the damage you do via melee attacks. Another interesting element the slow motion carnage caused by explosives.

The maps in this one are bigger than any of the previous Sniper Elite games. The map you see above is the smallest one from Sniper Elite 4, however, it is still three as big from the biggest map in Sniper Elite 3.

Sniper Elite 4 will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, ditching last-gen platforms for good. The game is set during World War 2.