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Quantum Break Review Copies Are Out, Embargo Lifts April 1

Alright so we have some good news, unlike The Division where Ubisoft did not send out any review copies and kept the review embargo until the game’s release, Quantum Break review copies for the Xbox One version are already being sent out by Microsoft, Remedy Entertainment has confirmed.

Thomas Puha, the head of public relations for the game at Remedy has announced that not only are they sending out the copies so soon, they are also lifting the review embargo sooner than usual because they want the reviewers to have enough time even if it is a risk.

“Well in advance unlike most games these days,” he says that “in the last 24 hours we have started to send out Quantum Break review codes.” Puha has all the reasons why this is the right thing to do:

Many reasons for that. As a former game journalist I believe press/influencers/etc should have enough time to play and not just a day or 2. Our hands on previews were the full opening of the game, 2+hours of gameplay. not 20 minute demo as often is the case. So with reviews we wanted to be open like that as well, give enough time. Will that hurt scores? Too much time for [people] to analyse? Who knows.

Talking about the Quantum Break review embargo, Puha did not exactly say when it will be lifted but our sources tell us that reviews will be allowed to be published on and after April 1, 2016.

As far as the PC version’s review copies are concerned, Remedy Entertainment has completed the game on PC only a couple of hours ago which is why the review codes will be sent some time later.

Watch this space for our Quantum Break review!