New Hellblade Trailer Finally Comes Out and It’s Creepy as Hell

Ninja Theory has been developing Hellblade for a long time and although we know that it takes time to create something amazing with limited resources, they should at least show more of the game so we can be certain that it isn’t stuck inside some sort of development hell. Thankfully, finally, new Hellblade trailer is shared and it is the creepiest thing you will see today.

Dubbed as Senua’s Sacrifice, the new trailer is created in Unreal Engine 4 and is running in real-time. Check out the new Hellblade trailer above and share what you think in the comments below.

Hellblade is being developed by Ninja Theory and it was suppose to be at E3 last year, however, it didn’t make it. Since then, there were some worries about it but it looks like the game is coming together nicely.

Ninja Theory is using a very different development model. It is using limited resources, limited staff, and over the top technologies (except Unreal Engine 4) to create something amazing. The development studio is challenging the traditional AAA game development model with Hellblade.

If they are successful, they can potentially introduce major changes to AAA development in the gaming industry.