Fallout 4’s Dogmeat Wins Best Videogame Dog Award

There are tons of things that have made Fallout 4’s Dogmeat so special for everyone who likes the game. Apart from being usable in the game, he is just like any other companion of yours, never dying and ever smiling.

Now, it looks like he has got his hard work paid off. The dog who played the role of Dogmeat has been awarded the best videogame dog award – for real.

And yes, Dogmeat is real. Her name is river.

Bethesda Softworks took to their official Twitter profile to reveal that River had been rewarded for her astounding performance in the game by The CW Network.

Looks like Dogmeat is following the game itself, Bethesda itself had also won the Game of The Year Award at DICE Awards for Fallout 4 recently, among a number of others.

Now we know that everyone loves Dogmeat as is, but just in case you wish to go and do something different, there also is a mod that turns Dogmeat into a Cattle Dog – the dog actually is a German Shepherd.

Anyhow, congratulations River, you have done us proud!