Deep Silver Plan ‘Major Announcement’ For E3, Saints Row 5?

E3 may still be three months away but excitement has already began to build for the annual event in Los Angeles, with the CEO of Deep Silver teasing a major announcement will be made by his studio.

Klemens Kundratitz spoke recently to MCV about the June exposition, while revealing that Deep Silver have “a lot of games in the pipeline and are very much looking forward to E3, where we are not going to be absent and where we will make our next major announcement.”

This begs the question what they could be working on and more importantly what they are willing to announce this Summer. Homefront: The Revolution will release a month before the event, which DeepSilver are publishing, so it seems unlikely that they will announce further plans for this other than potential DLC.

Other popular games under Deep Silver’s ownership include the Metro series, which gained further popularity after the release of Metro: Redux for the latest generation. Another possibility could be the Dead Island series, but Kundratitz himself has already spoke about the upcoming Dead Island 2 so another major announcement for the zombie-infested series would be unlikely.

However, Saints Row has remained relatively quiet since the release of the fourth instalment and its subsequent DLC. The potential sequel was teased a couple of years ago but nothing ever came from it, so a major announcement at E3 would be fitting for the wacky sandbox series. Volition are the developers behind Saints Row but they are now owned by Deep Silver’s parent company Koch Media.

Of course there is every chance that Deep Silver are working on a completely new IP altogether, so trying to guess what it could be is useless. The company now have their fingers in many pies so the ability to work with various numbers of developers all over the World continues to grow.

What do you think Deep Silver could be working on next? Are you a fan of their current franchises or would you prefer to see something else? Let us know in the comments below!