ARK Survival of The Fittest Released for Free as a Multiplayer Online Survival Arena Standalone Game

If you have been playing ARK Survival Evolved, you will be glad to know that ARK Survival of The Fittest has been released as a standalone and free game by developers Studio Wildcard.

This was first available as “a ‘Total Conversion’ and debuted worldwide with a 70-person slaughter fest of a tournament,” but since the whole “Multiplayer Online Survival Arena” genre was pretty popular among the fans, developers decided to turn it into a standalone spin-off.

The difference between this and the base game was best described on the game related forums: while one is the main persistent survival game, the other is the battle royale.

SotF has been refactored into its own competitive game including four new modes, a robust ranking system, massively boosted performance, cosmetic-tiered rewards, lobbies/parties/on-demand-matchmaking, and constant iteration.

You can choose Tribes of one to six people, the player hosted and ranked servers, and the expanse of the games you want to play. Although you kick off ARK Survival of The Fittest at the same forest environment as ARK Survival Evolved, new environments and creatures will be added with time. This one goes hard on eSports too:

Dedicated eSport rankings, matchmaking, reward, and upcoming Tournaments make ARK: SotF readily accessible to all players and after each month we’ll be awarding over $50,000 to the Top-10 Ranked Players in each of the four game modes, referred to as the ‘Survivor League’!

You can check up on the Survivor League here.

ARK Survival of The Fittest is out on early access for free and Studio Wildcard has added no monetization elements to the standalone game at the moment.