Retailer Confuses Nathan Drake with Chris Pratt, Bundled Uncharted With Xbox One

Well, it looks like Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is coming to Xbox One? At least in the books of a retailer named BIG W. For some reason, BIG W thought it would be a good idea to bundle Uncharted with Xbox One 1TB and a copy of Ubisoft’s The Division.

It is a hilarious mistake but from what I can see, the retailer somehow may be confused Chris Pratt for Nathan Drake, after I read the product description. The retailer wanted to bundle The Jurassic World Blu-Ray and instead of using an image from the film, it used Uncharted’s cover with Nathan Drake and somewhat similar background settings to Jurassic World.


He bundled Uncharted with Xbox One but clearly it wasn’t the intention. However, customers would surely face confusion over the listing. Hopefully, they will correct it soon.

Source: Big W