PlayStation VR Specifications and Detailed Photos Share All You Need to Know

The PlayStation VR price was officially revealed to be a sweet $399 today which has been regarded as totally fair by fans and competitors (Oculus Rift’s Palmer Luckey) alike. Since we know it is launching in October, now would be a good time look into the PlayStation VR specifications to see what they are giving us for those 400 bucks.

We are adding a table below with the complete specs as well as a list of everything you will get in the box. Also, we have added dozens of images in the gallery below that have been released by Sony today to show off the headset and accessories in detail.

PlayStation VR Specifications

  • Product Code: UH-ZVR1series
  • Release Month: October 2016
  • Recommended Retail Price: $399 USD, €399, £349 and 44,980 yen
  • External Dimensions VR headset: 187×185×277 mm
  • Processor Unit Dimensions: 143×36×143 mm
  • VR Headset Mass: 610g
  • Processor Unit Mass: 365g
  • Display Method: OLED
  • Panel Size: 5.7 inches
  • Panel Resolution: 1920×RGB×1080
  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz, 90Hz
  • Field of View: Approximately 100 degrees
  • Sensors: Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer)
  • Headset Connection Interface: HDMI, AUX, Stereo Headphone Jack
  • Processor Unit Connection Interface: HDMI TV, HDMI PS4, USB, HDMI, AUX
  • Processor Unit Function: 3D audio processing, Social Screen (mirroring mode, separate mode), Cinematic mode
  • Included Items: VR headset × 1, Processor unit × 1, VR headset connection cable × 1, HDMI cable × 1, USB cable × 1, Stereo headphones × 1, AC power cord × 1, AC adaptor × 1/

Now that you know all the ins and outs of the PlayStation VR, lets move on to some really detailed photos of the headset that will show it to you from every angle alongside all the necessary accessories. Knock yourself out.

All these news today about the PSVR has have changed a lot, for instance, the sales of PlayStation Camera have gone up by a massive 975 percent and people are even speculating that Sony will completely dominate the Xbox One vs PS4 console wars here on since Microsoft has no VR plans.

Any how, do the PlayStation VR specifications do justice to the price?