Gears of War 4 Beta is More than Just a Demo; The Coalition

Betas are rather commonplace nowadays with many games all over the World taking advantage of allowing players to try out the game, especially when a multiplayer element is involved.

The Coalition are no different and will be looking to use their Gears of War 4 beta to the fullest by receiving honest feedback that will affect the final game.

They seem to have a slightly cynical opinion on other developers in thinking that the beta is just a demo for fans to get a taster of what they can expect in the full game, whereas they are attempting to use the beta as a true test of the fans’ opinions in which many changes can still be made before going gold.

Responding to a question on a forum about whether we will see a single player campaign beta as well, the Director of Community at The Coalition responded with the following:

Because we actually are using the term ‘beta’ as a real ‘beta’ This isn’t a demo. We are looking for feedback so we can make changes before launch. We are also testing our back end.

This is good news for us fans, as we know that our feedback will be genuinely useful after we’ve had a go with the beta. More often than not a beta for a game is very similar to the full game we receive many months later, so we may as well have just played a demo.

The Coalition clearly agree and are looking to appease their fans as much as possible leading up to the launch date this fall!

The Gears of War 4 beta will release on April 18 for Xbox One. The multiplayer will also have a higher competitive focus in order to capitalize on the rise in popularity of eSports. A PC version has been hinted at but no official confirmation has arrived.