EA Sports UFC 2 Ultimate Team Guide – Fight Packs, Attributes, Perks, Tips

For the first time, the Ultimate Team mode has appeared in EA Sports UFC 2.

EA Sports UFC 2 Ultimate Team mode lets players formulate a team consisting of 5 fighters, build them, compete with other players around the world, rise in the leaderboard, and emerge as the Octagon Legends.

EA Sports UFC 2 Ultimate Team Guide

To get started, the first thing that you need to do is to formulate a team comprising of a total of 5 fighters. Once done, you will be able to participate in both online/offline mods and climb the ranks.

Throughout the journey, you will earn coins which you will be able to use to open up Fight Packs and customize your fighters. The guide details everything you need to know about EA Sports UFC 2 Ultimate Team mode, best packs, perks, and more.

Understand Fight Packs

EA Sports UFC 2 Ultimate Team, there are Upgrade Items and Boost Items. While the Boost Items grant a temporary boost, the Upgrade Items instill permanent effects.

In addition to these, there are some Special Edition Items which teach your fighters some unique attacks/moves inspired by real-life legends. Aside from it, each item is categorized based on stars with the 5-star items being the best ones.

Lastly, do note that there are Weight Class Items and Universal Items. Weight Class Items cannot be equipped on all fighters, but Universal Items can be.

As for acquiring the items, you need to head to the store and spend coins or UFC Points to open up packs.

Training Items
Belonging to Boost Items, these items enhance a fighter’s attributes for an upcoming fight.

Fitness Items
Belonging to Boost Items, these items replenish a fighter’s fitness level.

There are some Upgrade Items which can enhance one attribute and degrade another one at the same time.

There are some Upgrade Items which can grant fighters with passive bonuses.

Fighters in EA Sports UFC 2 Ultimate Team can also learn new attacks/moves to aid them during a fight.


While in the Ultimate Team mode, there are various ways in which you can fight:

Daily Challenges
Every 24 hours, you will get a total of 5 challenges. Each one of the challenges will vary in difficulty level and rewards. However, completing the challenges will net you coins which you will be able to utilize to open up Fight Packs.

Singleplayer Champions
These are basically offline championships which can be used to practice before heading up with another human player. However, do note that these championships offer less rewards and do not contribute towards challenges.

Ultimate Championships
This is the online mode which requires you to defend your title, continue to win fights, and rank up the ladder. However, do note that if you lose, you will drop in ladder. This mode essentially counts towards challenges and also nets more coins.

Tips and Strategies

Earning and Equipping Moves
Each fighter in UFC 2 Ultimate Team has a wide variety of unique and generic moves. While it is a good idea to have a range of moves at your disposal, you do not need the best of everything to become good.

Instead of hoping to become better by acquiring all the best available moves, you need to go with something that works well for you!

While trying to open up packs, make sure to go with 4-star and above with decent chances of good attributes and perks. However, if you think that you already have a decent move set, there is no need of wasting money on special cards.

Upgrading and Boosting the Fighter
Attributes in UFC 2 Ultimate Team can create the difference between winning and losing. It goes without saying that without proper attributes, your fighter will never be able to perform at his or her top potential.

However, do note that having wrong attributes is just as bad as having less or no attributes at all!

For example, if you are a boxer, you need to go with movement, hand-power, kick-power, kick-speed, hand-speed, and block. What this essentially means is that you need to upgrade what you are good at.

But as mentioned above, you need to use attributes in such a way that you do not drastically degrade your multiple attributes while trying to enhance one.

Never in your UFC 2 Ultimate Team, you should try and open up Fight Packs just to get your hands on some perks. It goes without saying that perks are a rare commodity when it comes to opening packs.

As with the attributes, you need not to blindly equip any perk you come across. Instead you need to see which perks suit your unique playstyle and will come out in play during a fight.

Once you have established that, you should be able to use your perks more appropriately!

This is all we have on UFC 2 Ultimate Team. If you found anything missing or confusing; let us know in the comments section below!