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Until Dawn Rush of Blood Gets New Horrific Screenshots from the PSVR

What was first considered just a DLC of the for PlayStation VR was later confirmed to be a fully fledged game for the virtual reality headset in the form of Until Dawn Rush of Blood. And since we know what level of horror that game was capable of, we have kept our eyes wide open for more on this.

Just in time with all the hype for the PSVR, developer Supermassive Games has also revealed a number of new screenshots to show off how scary the whole experience will be when you don the headset.

These new images feature some of the enemies in the dark eerie places like the ones that the original game had. The developers have not shared any details on this with us, but I am sure walking alone in that place is not going to be a comfortable experience.

Any how, you can check out the screenshots below and maybe tell us if Until Dawn Rush of Blood is your cup of tea.

According to previously revealed details, the game “charts the descent into madness of one of the characters from the Until Dawn universe.” It is set in the same world and universe and also has similarities with the original game.

However, it is a completely separate game with its own twists and turns. We are expecting the developers of Until Dawn Rush of Blood throwing in some choice decisions for the players to make those shocks and scares even more hard hitting.

Will you buy this one?