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Battleborn Gone Gold; Post-Launch Content Revealed

Developement on Battleborn is completed ahead of its worldwide release on May 3, but Gearbox aren’t finished with the game just yet.

Plenty of Battleborn post-launch content is on its way so Gearbox have detailed what fans can expect in the months after release.

First of all there are the free updates, which everyone can get on board with! From launch there will be 25 playable characters to choose from, but this roster will rise to 30 with the addition of 5 more fighters at no extra cost for all players.

The only character to be announced so far is Alani who has the power to control water to her advantage. It seems as though the new characters will all need to be earned through advancing within the game once they have been made available. There will also be new modes and maps along with the expected balance updates added over the latter months of 2016 and beyond.

As for the Battleborn post-launch paid content, there will be five add-on packs similar to those seen in Borderlands each costing $4.99. Each will offer some story content with replayable PvE missions along with character (or hero) skins and taunts. Work on these packs will only start once the game has launched, so there’s no sign of a release date or story details yet.

There will of course be a season pass that will encapsulate every DLC pack at the price of $19.99, therefore saving you the cost of one of the packs. Alternatively you can purchase the Battleborn Digital Deluxe Edition for $74.99 that includes the game and the season pass (plus some extra cosmetic items) and will save you $10 on purchasing them all separately.

We recently reported how League of Legends made $1.62 billion in 2015, mainly due to cosmetic purchases from players. However, Gearbox Software are very keen to let fans know that they will have a wide range of customizable options to choose from – some of which can be earned or bought in-game. Like in LoL, the cosmetics will have no effect on gameplay.

Here’s some details about Battleborn’s MOBA-like mode Incursion if you weren’t aware, and keep an eye out for the open beta for Xbox One, PS4 and PC that will be releasing soon.