Wildcard is Creating Ark: Survival Evolved eSports, ‘Ark: Survival of the Fittest’

Ark: Survival Evolved has gotten a great deal of press over the course of its Early Access existence. And why wouldn’t they, considering you can go from cavemen to people using assault rifles while riding dinosaurs. The game is Steam’s most popular Early Access title, and its success led to it being ported over to the Xbox One before it was even finished.

Now, Wildcard games is going to make an attempt to push Ark: Survival Evolved eSports, in the form of a new version of the game known as Ark: Survival of the Fittest, according to a Wildcard spokesperson.

Originally, Survival of the Fittest was a ‘total conversion’ mod within the open-world survival adventure Ark: Survival Evolved. The game rapidly grew in popularity amongst those wanting a competitive ‘Battle Royale/Last Man Standing’ experience. This standalone game brings all the features of the mod, with upgrades, and newly integrates dedicated esports ranking, matchmaking, reward, and tournament features to make it readily accessible to all players.”

Ark: Survival of the Fittest is marketed as a “massive online survival arena”, in a play on MOBA, or “massive online battle arena”. It’s not really known what the game will involve, but if it draws on MOBA rules it may consist of a number of teams fighting one another in a last-man-standing scenario, using the survival tools and weapons given by the vanilla game and the Survival of the Fittest mod to defeat their opponents.

Whether there’s a place for Ark: Survival Evolved eSports, however, is something else entirely. Despite its popularity the game is a relatively slow-paced and somewhat complicated survival game, not given over to quick matches like what many eSports games do.

There’s a significant chance that it will be unsuccessful due to its speed, unless Wildcard is going for the kind of target audience that enjoys watching gameplay of the game (of which there are a not-insignificant amount).

The game will possess four different game modes for players to compete in, and each month a grand prize of $3,500 dollars will be given to the number 1 player in the league.