Ubisoft Working on The Division Dark Zone and Phoenix Credits Attractiveness

The Division is selling incredibly well and fans seem happy for the most part with the open-world online shooter. For a detailed view of the game, check out our recently published review. However, there are already concerns from players regarding the Division Dark Zone that is reached at level 30.

Ubisoft are not totally happy with the game neither, as revealed in a recent Twitch stream, as they are looking to punish any online cheaters, as well as making the Dark Zone more attractive than it currently seems to be.

These remarks come off the back of some negative player feedback regarding the endgame, and how much use the Phoenix Credits actually are. Thanks to pcgames.de for pointing this story out for us.

Much like Destiny, leading up to the endgame is more like a huge tutorial for what the game is really about once you reach your level cap of 30. Once you reach this limit, The Division becomes a whole new experience where the intention is for Ubisoft to build upon this section for months and probably years to come. Known as the ‘Dark Zone’, this is a dangerous area full of high-level enemies that drop equally high-end loot.

Of course, all the other players in the Dark Zone are of a equally high level so fighting one another has its advantages and disadvantages as well, so you can form alliances to maintain a high-end arsenal for yourself and your friends. This also serves as the only PvP section in the whole game, but running in all guns-blazing will quickly result in your repetitive death.

You can also exchange certain currency for high-end equipment using Phoenix Credits. At first the drop-rate was far too high, meaning that all the players that amassed many hours of play time from the off had an enormous advantage and were free to purchase almost anything they wanted. A recent patch fixed this, but the problem is still in an unbalanced state. It’s unclear yet what Ubisoft plan to do about this situation.

It seems the main problem with the Dark Zone is that attempting to kill other players is far too risky, so everyone seems to be getting along resulting in a rather boring set-up. This provides almost no PvP action in the whole game, which would be a huge turn-off for a lot of players. Ubisoft are fully aware of this problem though and want their fans to know it, so are looking to find a solution sooner rather than later.

There is for now a Dark Zone Special Vendor that is selling the best equipment you can buy who will re-set his position every Friday, so if you are already at this stage of the game then make sure youseek him out before any serious patches alter the game in a significant way.