Santa Monica Studio Tease New Playstation 4 Title, What Could It Be?

By advertising a new role within their team, Santa Monica Studio have revealed that they are working on a brand new Playstation 4 game. They are currently hiring for 50 roles, so they are clearly building something big as these jobs are all going to join a project that is well under-way.

Santa Monica are perhaps most famous for the brutal God of War series, with protagonist Kratos tearing his way through the mythological Ancient Greece to confront his Father Zeus. The hack-and-slash epic has set the bar for graphical innovation upon each of the four console releases as well as selling plenty of portable copies on the PSP with Chains of Olympus and Ghosts of Sparta.

A PS4 version of God of War has been highly anticipated since the console’s release so this is a huge possibility for this exciting new project. Back in December 2014, the studio did confirm that they were working on another God of War title, also by Twitter, but have since deleted the tweet.

Another potential project could be a sequel to the 2012 indie adventure Journey. Developed by Thatgamecompany with external help from Santa Monica, it’s not clear whether a sequel would require such a huge team.

Playstation All-Stars was a fun beat-em-up taking heavy inspiration from Nintendo’s Super Smash Brothers series that brought together many Playstation icons into one game. The original did seem like more of a prototype than a full game though so a huge sequel would incite a lot of interest.

A couple of other potential games that Santa Monica could be working on could be linked to Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture or The Order: 1886, both of which released recently and had relative success. Of course, the new project could be a completely new IP that we have no chance of guessing!

The studio are currently working on Bound, a 3D platformer centered around the art of dance. However, this title is well into development and isn’t linked to the 50 jobs that have just been offered out.

What do you think the studio is working on? A sequel to one of their previous games or a brand new IP altogether?