Paid Custom Game Pass to be Added to DOTA 2

Last September the Reborn update was added to DOTA 2 in order to allow players to create custom modes and minigames themselves using a powerful toolset. Other players are then able to play these modes for free.

However Valve are introducing a Custom Game Pass that players can purchase for $1 that will offer extra stash space, character slots, XP and loot for a whole month. The pass will not renew automatically and will need to be re-purchased every month, with the money going towards those players that have created these custom games. The Custom Game Pass will debut with Roshpit Champions, a new and exciting project that will turn Dota 2 into a form of co-op dungeon crawling.

It’s important to note that all the custom games will remain free, as the Custom Game Pass will only allow additional bonuses as opposed to access to the games themselves. The Pass will only support custom games “which have already established a sizable community and are mature enough to offer good value to customers.”

Introducing a paid model to a previously free one is always a risky manoeuvre. It may go down well with the creators of the custom games but not many people will be happy with paying for a service that was originally free. Skyrim was once going to introduce paid modding to their fantasy RPG but the idea was et with a huge backlash.

PC Gamer conducted an interview with Ryan ‘ChalkyBrush’ Racioppo, part of the Roshpit Champions team, to talk a lot more about this initiative and you can read the lengthy interview there.

We recently discussed whether DOTA 2 and League of Legends could be feasible on consoles, which is well worth a read.

Will you use the Custom Game Pass, and if so are you happy to pay for a service that was previously free of charge, even if it helps those that actually created them? Let us know in the comments below.