Starcraft 2 Nova Covert Ops Add-on Arrives on March 29

Starcraft 2 Nova Covert Ops content is now available for pre-purchase for its release on March 29. The add-on will expand the Starcraft universe with 3 episodes containing 3 missions each, where the Starcraft 2 Starter Edition is required. The first episode will release in March with the rest releasing on or before December 1 2016.

Blizzard Entertainment have announced the deal through Starcraft’s original Twitter profile:

Here is the synopsis of the story included in Nova Covert Ops:

The reign of Emperor Valerian Mengsk is under threat. Along with facing political opposition, several Dominion ghosts have gone missing in action while under his rule. Their trail leads to a secretive Terran group, the Defenders of Man. As Nova Terra, a psionic ghost trained to be the perfect covert operative, you must delve into the conspiracy before it’s too late for the Terran Dominion.

The nine new missions will immerse the player in the Koprulu sector, strategizing against the Defenders of Man and aiding Emperor Mengsk restore peace to the Dominion.

Pre-purchasing the bundle will reward you with a special in-game portrait and you’ll also receive a ghost unit skin for Starcraft 2 if you purchase the entire Nova bundle. You can also “unlock cutting edge equipment and unit technology that will aid Nova on her mission to restore peace and unity to the Dominion.”

Controversy surrounded the game about a month ago as the greatest Starcraft 2 player was arrested for match-fixing, but the real-time strategy game has kept its place near the top of professional and amateur gaming still today.

To purchase the Starcraft 2 Nove Covert Ops add-on content as well as find out more details including any product requirements then visit the Battlenet shop.