New GTA Online DLC Uploaded to Steam Silently, Release Tomorrow?

We have been talking about an alleged GTA 5 DLC that could include Franklin and CJ from San Andreas together, but now we have more pressing matters at hand. It looks like Rockstar Games could have silently uploaded the new GTA Online DLC to Steam and we didn’t even know!

No, nothing has been published on the game’s page so there is no need to rush to it right now, but things have changed under the hood.

Thanks to being listed on Steam, and services like SteamDB, we are now able to keep a check on even the small changes that Rockstar Games makes to the game files on the digital distribution platform.

Now there is one file in the game that is named qabeta2, from what I can see that could be for “quality assurance beta” because every time the developers are going to release new content, they update this file with something.

That is exactly what they did a couple of hours ago, the qabeta2 file was updated and since this happens only before they are going to release a GTA Online DLC, it looks like we are about to get a surprise.

GTA Online DLC

There have been rumors in the past that Rockstar Games is planning on releasing a new downloadable content pack for the game on March 15, could those rumors be true?

So what could this new GTA Online DLC be about? I would say it is a Lowriders DLC Part 2 because the developers have shown an inclination towards expanding Benny’s Original Motorworks.

Nonetheless, this is all based on rumor and speculation for now, so keep checking back with us for an update.