New Diablo 3 Patch Datamined, May Alter Abilities, Weapon Description

A datamine on the upcoming Diablo 3 patch from the fan website has brought information to light about the various alterations to character abilities that will come with the next patch, including alterations to the abilities of the Wizard, the Witch Doctor, and the Crusader.

In the aftermath of the news that Diablo 3 may eventually go into a free-to-play model, a new patch has been released for the game that has introduced a number of alterations for some weapons, but mostly for the abilities of three of the playable characters.

The Crusader, formerly one of the game’s two tank classes (alongside the Barbarian) will be a little less like a brick wall compared to his previous version, where many of his abilities caused enemies to drop enough health that at some points you would be regenerating more damage than you were taking.

Instead, the Diablo 3 patch has caused his ability “Laws of Hope” to now focus on reducing physical damage, rather than simply getting back the health you lost from it. The sub-ability “Hopeful Cry” will reduce all physical damage taken by 25%, rather than giving enemies a 5% chance to drop health. Laws of Hope’s passive healing ability is also removed, instead similarly reducing physical damage to you.

The Witch Doctor, one of the game’s two spellcaster classes alongside the Wizard, has also experienced alterations to his abilities, mainly to his “Grasp of the Dead” ability. Now enemies killed by Grasp of the Dead, rather than dropping health, only stand a chance of becoming Zombie Dogs.

The Wizard’s Archon ability has also experienced a massive nerf from the Diablo 3 patch: now, rather than increasing your damage by 300% when you activate Archon, your damage will only go up by 30%, though your Armor and Resistances will receive the same buff.

Weapons also received alterations, though mainly just in their flavor text, rather than having their damage or abilities fiddled with.

If you want to know more, you can simply follow the link to look at the forum yourself.