Microsoft is Testing Xbox One DVR Functions, Coming Soon?

Last year at Gamescom 2015, Microsoft unveiled that they would be developing Xbox One DVR functionality, subscription-free. Tech blogger Paul Thurrott has stated that a contact of his that is close to Microsoft has told him that Microsoft is now in the process of testing the Xbox One’s DVR function.

The Xbox One DVR functions will allow people that use their Xbox One to watch TV to now record their favorite TV shows while they’re playing games, while the console is asleep, or while watching another channel.

“Microsoft is now internally testing an update for Xbox One called ‘Xbox One Threshold Beta 1603 System Update,’ or th2xboxrel_1603.160308-1900. This update allows the console to record freely-available OTA TV, and it even works while you’re playing games, watching live TV, or when the console is sleeping.

“It is, in other words, exactly what we’ve been waiting for as the next logical step in the Xbox One’s transition to a full-feature living room entertainment solution. Or, the one thing that really sets the Xbox One apart from simpler solutions like Roku and Apple TV.”

Xbox One users had often had to rely on their cable boxes’s own abilities to record TV shows, but as Thurrott said the addition of DVR to Xbox One’s TV services bring the console a step closer to becoming the multimedia platform that Xbox One users want, especially since Microsoft released over-the-air tuning peripheries for the console last year.

Originally Xbox One DVR functions were expected to be available late 2015, however that had not happened by the end of the year. With luck, the function will come to Xbox One TV sometime this year, maybe even in several months.

Even with apps like Hulu, Netflix, and Crunchyroll available on the Xbox One, allowing users to watch a large number of series, there might still be some shows that the Xbox One’s apps don’t have the license to at the moment, and people without Crunchyroll, Hulu, or Netflix subscriptions can make use of it to record their own favorite shows.