Check Out the First Hour of Quantum Break Gameplay

Remedy have revealed the first hour of Quantum Break through a livestream with Microsoft Studios.

Starring Microsoft Studios Community Manager Josh Stein and General Manager of Publishing Shannon Loftis, the stream was conducted on Xbox One and shows plenty of action including an important choice, time ripples, collectibles and some of the environments on show. Due to time restraints, the pair did have to slightly rush through some sections in order to show off as much as possible.

The video has been split into two half-hour sections. There will of course feature major spoilers for many different aspects of Quantum Break including gameplay and plot points so if you want to go into the game blind then it’s probably best not to watch:

If this isn’t enough Quantum Break video action to get you in the mood then you should have a look at the official launch trailer released last week.

The game is setting a benchmark in how to experience video games, with a digital live-action series to release alongside your progress in the game. Each episode will interact with the game based on the player’s choices, such as the one towards the end of the livestream above. Quantum Break itself, as you can see, is a third-person action-adventure game with heavy time-based abilities and elements involved.

As for Remedy they may already be working on a sequel to their last major hit Alan Wake, if an appearance inside a Quantum Break TV is to be believed. The original Alan Wake released six years ago with the downloadable Alan Wake’s American Nightmare available two years later. The development of Alan Wake 2 has been postponed due to Quantum Break’s development.

Let us know what you think of the first hour of Quantum break and whether you think you will be picking the game up on Xbox One or PC come April 5.