Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Buy Hitman Yet; Intrusive DRM and More

Hitman released on March 11, 2016 for PS4, Xbox One and PC; however, the game has some really weird issues on the developer side. If you are yet to purchase the game, it would be a good idea to do so after reading this.

Okay so IO Interactive has shaped up the game nicely but by using some fashion of a very intrusive DRM, they have made some of the things unbearable.

While they won’t be calling it that officially, an essentially single player DRM is in place which means that the single player mode is clearly divided into the offline and online modes.

Effectively, this results in all the unlocked items from the offline mode to be limited to the offline mode. No matter what you unlock or what you do, these two will stay worlds apart because there are separate saves for the offline and online modes.

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Things they have messed up with Hitman don’t end there. Another bummer is that if you are in the online version of the game and while playing you stumble upon some server issues resulting in lost connection, you will simply be kicked out to the main menu.

You don’t get any choice here, you don’t have anything else you can do; if you have connection issues, you will just have to start over.

Guess what, all that is on top of a vast array of server issues that tons of people are complaining about.

So based on all this, I would not buy Hitman until things are sorted out at least to some extent.