Call of Duty 2016 Game Engine Details Surface; Better Optimization and Texture Pipelines

Activision are keeping details of the next COD close to its chest. What we do know of the game so far is that Infinity Ward is developing Call of Duty 2016 and it will release sometime in November.

We have come across some new details today, thanks to a job listing from Activision, about Call of Duty 2016 and its game engine. The listing reveals that its game engine may have better memory optimization, geometry and texture pipelines.

  • Responsibilities:
  • Performance and memory optimizations to engine subsystems
  • Improving and optimizing geometry and texture processing pipelines
  • Continued improvements to the material authoring and material factory systems
  • Assisting with and/or directing the porting of miscellaneous platform-specific code, as necessary
  • Working with occlusion culling and procedural animation systems
  • Be able to break down and design code features
  • Contribute ideas for features and improvements as the engine evolves
  • Requirements:
  • Must be fluent in C/C++
  • 4+ years of programming experience
  • Good understanding of multi-threaded programming
  • Strong 3D skills and low-level engine experience are essential.
  • Know when not to use object oriented programming

The engineer they are looking for will have to make sure that the game is properly optimized. He will also improve upon the game’s geometry and texture pipelines. Since there aren’t an details available for the time being, we don’t know if this is going to be a brand new engine or improved version of an older model.

Call of Duty 2016 should be revealed in the coming weeks, considering previous reveal and release patterns. It is said that the next Call of Duty will be Ghosts 2, however, we would prefer seeing Modern Warfare 4.

E3 will bring plenty of news from Activision and its Call of Duty 2016. Sony will do the honors because Call of Duty publisher will not be attending the event this year.