Battlefield 4 CTE Won’t Get Any More Content Now, Focus on Battlefield 5?

It has been a bumpy ride, some people loved Battlefield 4 while others detested it; either way, the game has a solid fan base and people still want to pour on to the Battlefield 4 CTE to get their hands on new content early. However, that is not going to happen any more.

ELectronic Arts has confirmed that they are not going to add any more content to the Community Test Environment (CTE) any more because they are stopping the development of new content for the game.

What you have had so far was the end of it.

This was revealed by David Sirland, the game producer at DICE LA when he was asked on his Twitter account in he had any updates for the fans on the Battlefield 4 CTE or Battlefield 5. He responded by saying that:

Today I can let you guys know that at this point we don’t have any plans to release new content for BF4 to the CTE.

This was followed by a gratuitous thank you note for the community reading “it’s been a real journey working with you all in creating unique and awesome experiences together through this [environment]. A huge thank you to all that has been involved and active on the CTE!”

However, he says that there are currently no plans of shutting down the Battlefield 4 CTE and that “the CTE will be up and running.” All prototype content including maps is continue to be available on the CTE.

This clearly means that DICE is now focusing on Battlefield 5 which is expected to be set in WWI and be released in October this year. The game is also expected to have high visual quality based on existing geometry.