New Gears of War 4 Screenshots are a Mix of Beauty and Decay

Gears of War 4 screenshots have finally been released by The Coalition, and the series seems to be continuing its efforts to make the world of Sera look like an urban explorer’s wet dream as the pictures show a mix of beauty and urban decay.

The other Gears of War games began this pattern as of the first Gears of War game, giving players a very long and detailed look at the proud but decaying facades of the buildings of the city of Ephyra.

The entire series showed the grandeur of the Coalition of Ordered Governments, ranging from buildings like the “House of Sovereigns” to Halvo Bay’s “Plaza for the Tyran Dead” (Tyrus being the nation where much of the series takes place)

The Gears of War 4 screenshots seem to be continuing this trend, showing an old church that has somehow managed to survive the massive amounts of war that Sera has been through. Even with the pews abandoned, light still shines through stained-glass windows and candles burn in sconces on the stone walls. There’s debris on the floor and water has collected in big puddles, but if anything that only adds to the church’s beauty.

If anything Game Informer’s article about them starting off with that is to catch you off guard with the rest of the Gears of War 4 screenshots, which reverses gears right back into the gory, mindless violence and disturbing imagery that the series is known for.

We get glimpses at two new enemies (including one named one, the “Juvie,” which seem to be the Swarm’s own version of the Locust Horde’s Wretches) and one Drone-like unit, who is being unceremoniously stabbed in the head by JD Fenix.

The screenshots also give us a look at a few new features of the game; that screenshot of JD stabbing an enemy is actually done with a combat knife; yet more execution kills will be available for use in the game.

Windflares are also given a spotlight, as another screenshot is nearly completely covered in lightning that’s cracking the ground that it strikes.

Keep up the good work, Game Informer. The screenshots can be found here, and even more Gears 4 information is on their website.