Square Enix Surprise Box Available at $9.99 for Easter

Square Enix are offering five games for the price of $9.99 this Easter. This is part of the successful Square Enix Surprise Box initiative, with the only catch being that you don’t know what the games will be until after you buy them – hence the surprise!

The offer is available from today, March 11, through until March 20 with the games on offer being revealed and delivered on March 21 through Steam.

The last surprise box came over Christmas and included the games Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, Thief, Final Fantasy 13, Life is Strange Episode 1, and Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn. The games are delivered separately, meaning that if you already own any of them then they can be gifted to a friend. This surprise box also included discount codes for 2 more Life is Strange episodes as well as for Just Cause 3. Had you bought all these titles separately at the time they would have cost over $80, therefore saving you a massive $70.

If the last games are anything to go by, the titles will be of a very high quality. They will all be published by Square Enix of course, and only available on PC via Steam. To pre-order the Square Enix Suprise Box head over to the official Square Enix store.

As you may expect the offer is non-refunable, but any five games for $10 is a bonus no matter who they are from.

Square Enix are busy this year already, with the first of Hitman’s episodes releasing today, as well as Final Fantasy XV later in the year, a game that Hajime Tabata wants to make you cry over.

With regards to this Easter’s Square Eniz Surprise Box, my guess would include the original Tomb Raider, another episode of Life is Strange and perhaps another Final Fantasy. But what do I know?

Is this an offer that interests you? What games would you like to see in this bundle? Let us know in the comments below as always!