Rocket League to Add a Basketball Mode

Rocket League continues to update and improve upon itself to please fans over and over again. The racing car/soccer mash-up started off with just the one sport available, before adding an ice hockey mode last year. Later this year though a third sport will be introduced in the form of a basketball mode.

Towards the end of yesterday evening, Psyonix Studios teased a new announcement with the following tweet:

A little later we were treated with this:

Using the March madness Basketball reference, Psyonix will be introducing this new mode at an unspecified date this year, although we don’t think it will be too soon considering the team does say that this is the mode they are “working on next”.

Basketball will be an interesting introduction that will shake up the dynamics of play. Usually the idea is to keep the ball (or puck) quite low so that you can score a goal, whereas for this basketball mode players will look to shift the ball up high in order to score a basket.

More often than not this will require teamwork that hasn’t been tested before now, unless you can ricochet the ball off the opponent. Rocket League has surpassed the expectations of fans, and possibly the developers, meaning that players will keep coming back for all these changes for many months yet.

Rocket League recently introduced the Batman v Superman downloadable content pack in time for the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice later this month. The game will also release a “special” retail version of the game at some point in the future after its incredible success since launch last year.