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New Battleborn Details Including MOBA-like Incursion Mode

Borderlands creators Gearbox Software are currently hard at work on Battleborn, another first-person shooter with more competitive multiplayer elements that will release for PS4, Xbox One and PC this May.

Some new details have emerged on the multiplayer modes included such as Incursion mode which seems heavily influenced by the MOBA genre.

Incursion involves two teams of five players, each with their own pack of minions with the objective being to destroy the enemy sentries and base. The minions will help bring down the shields of these sentries as well as causing general annoyance for the other team. Teamwork is essential in this mode, emphasizing the MOBA influence involved, as opposed to being a one-man army.

The matches do last a lot less time than most MOBA’s however such as League of Legends, with round times averaging around 20 minutes with the action intensifying straight from the off.

">Videogamer recently sat down with this mode and discussed what they enjoyed about the game. Battleborn certainly has a more cartoon-like look to its aesthetics as opposed to Gearbox’s previous work with Borderlands which was cel-shaded.

Other modes include ‘Capture’, where teams of heroes face off in a fast-paced death match and must capture and hold objectives on the map to win. There is also a ‘Meltdown’ mode, with a heavy emphasis on minion control. Both these modes are considered more ‘traditional’ first-person shooter experiences, but it remains to be seen which mode will capture the fans’ interest the most.

You can see an interview with Randy Varnell for Super2Bit Gaming below, who is the Creative Director at Gearbox Software, as well as plenty more Battleborn gameplay:

Battleborn will include 25 playable characters for each multiplayer mode, including Ghalt and Deande that were announced in January.

Not much has been covered about the campaign mode yet, with more details expected towards the end of the month as the embargo lifts. Gearbox Software have confirmed they will also be working on Borderlands 3 but only once development on Battleborn ends.