Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Dev Diary: Free Roam, Audio, Side Missions

EA has posted a Mirror’s Edge Catalyst dev diary that shares some behind the scenes footage and new gameplay. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will let you control its music with Faith’s movements.

According to EA, it is up to the player to look for the best route to move forward. To help you traverse the map, developers have introduced a new tool called the MAG Rope.

Faith uses this to letch onto specific areas on the map. MAG Rope is similar to a device used by Rico in Just Cause 3.

The MAG Rope is a device worn on Faith’s forearm that can latch on to specific points in the world, allowing for unique traversal and interaction opportunities. When Faith first gets hold off the MAG Rope early in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, she uses it to swing over gaps that are too long to jump across.

The flow of Faith’s movements during free roam is essential to the level immersive gameplay devs are looking for. Another gameplay aspect is side questions such as delivering items. Check out the dev diary for more on Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will release during early 2017.