Back to Dinosaur Island 2 Demo Free to Play on Steam Right Now

Crytek have released a demo of their highly anticipated Virtual Reality game on Steam today.

The Back to Dinosaur Island 2 Demo was first revealed at E3 2015 where only attendees could try out the incredible experience, but now anyone in the world can give it a go provided they have the right equipment of course.

Crytek’s executive producer Elijah Freeman is very happy with its reception this past year:

“The feedback we received from people who played Back to Dinosaur Island 2 was really encouraging, and the lessons we learned from creating it have been significant for our current VR projects. The demo goes beyond being merely a visual showcase and includes interactive elements that harness the unique power of the medium. By making this experience available for free, we hope as many players as possible will take the opportunity to feel truly present in a new world of dinosaurs”.

The demo is a brief look into the power of the CryEngine and VR, with a dangerous climb up a rock wall surrounded by flying dinosaurs before emerging at the top and scanning the area in front of you. The video above will give you an idea, but of course nothing can compare to actually experiencing the game yourself.

The first Back to DInosaur Island was released in November 2015. Crytek are also working on Oculus Rift exclusive The Climb which is being developed in their Frankfurt studio.

Back to Dinosaur Island 2 can be played using any Virtual Reality headset with Rift SDK 0.8 or later.

Do you have access to Virtual Reality already and are you willing to give the Back to Dinosaur Island 2 demo a go? If you do, let us know what you think in the comments below! If you don’t think VR is worth the cost yet and prefer your gaming a bit more traditional, then join the discussion as well!