Diablo 3 Update will Add Plenty of Cosmetic Items, Check them Out

The new Diablo 3 update will add plenty of cosmetic items in its next patch. The update is currently available in the PTR (Player Test Realm), where players have discovered a huge amount of extras including pets, wings and transmogrifications.The items will be dropped by a variety of bosses, as well as a new goblin variant called Menagerist Goblins.

Fortunately a fan named Lumamasterhas datamined the whole update and provided a comprehensive list here:

1)Cosmetic_Wings_bfly: Cosmic Wings —> Unknown
2)Cosmetic_Wings_bat: Dark Bat —> Normal Rift Guardian Tethrys
3)Cosmetic_wings_bat: Osseous Grasp —> Adria
4)Cosmetic_Wings_bfly: Lord Culsu’s Wings —> Maghda
5)Cosmetic_Wings_bfly: Wings of Kokabiel —> The Merciless Witch
6)Cosmetic_Wings_bird: Falcon’s Wings —> Unknown

UPDATE: A new goblin has been added, known as the Menagerist Goblin. It drops cosmetics.

UPDATE: Here is the full list of new transmogs and possible locations:
TransmogSword_241_001: God Butcher (who knows where)
TransmogAxe_241_001: Aidan’s Revenge (perhaps drops off of Diablo?)
TransmogAxe_241_002: King Maker (Leaning towards TSK for this one)
TransmogFlail_241_001: The Que-Hegan’s Will (FOUND)
TransmogHelm_002: Helm of the Cranial Crustacean (FOUND)
TransmogFlail_241_002: Flail of Carnage (FOUND)
TransmogFist_241_001: Hand of Despair (Realm of Despair?)
TransmogStaff_241_001: The Reaper’s Kiss (FOUND)
TransmogPolearm_241_001: Man Prodder (FOUND)
TransmogSword_241_002: Amberwing (FOUND)
TransmogFlail_241_003: The Spirit of the Zakarum (unsure where this would drop)
TransmogAxe_241_003: Kanai’s Scorn (Probably somewhere in Ruins of Secheron)
TransmogAxe_241_004: Sungjae’s Fury (who are you?)
TransmogSpear_241_001: Steffon’s Heavy Lance (who?)
TransmogFlail_241_004: Templar’s Chain (Perhaps from that one bounty or the Campaign quest?)
TransmogFist_241_002: Panther’s Claw (….idk)
TransmogSword_241_003: Ghoul King’s Blade (probably drops off of a Unique Ghoul or something)
TransmogXbow_241_001: Crossbow of Corvus (so somewhere in the Ruins of Corvus probably)
TransmogMace_241_001: Mace of the Crows (probably somewhere in Act 1)
TransmogSword_241_004: Quinquennial Sword (FOUND)
TransmogSword_241_005: Second Quinquennial Sword (FOUND)

UPDATE: Here is the full list of pets and their names. There are 20 in total.

1)Cosmetic_Pet_teddyBear – Overseer Lady Josephine
2)Cosmetic_Pet_squire – Lamb : http://imgur.com/WflH6NS
3)Cosmetic_Pet_VoodooDoll – Ms. Madeleine
4)Cosmetic_Pet_nightmare – Unihorn
5)Cosmetic_Pet_gluttony- The Bumble : http://imgur.com/qFiJ8tj
6)Cosmetic_Pet_babysiege – Grunkk
7)Cosmetic_Pet_fallenHound – Buddy : http://imgur.com/USARHXF
8)Cosmetic_Pet_ghost – Haunting Hannah
9)Cosmetic_Pet_goatman – Lady Morthanlu
10)Cosmetic_Pet_hoodednightmare – Malfeasance
11)Cosmetic_Pet_mimic – The Mimic : http://imgur.com/TXfM53x
12)Cosmetic_Pet_FloatingSkull – Blaze
13)Cosmetic_Pet_FloatingSkull – Humbart Wessel
14)Cosmetic_Pet_spider – Charlotte : http://imgur.com/Nby0ATe
15)Cosmetic_Pet_zombie – Liv Moore
16)Cosmetic_Pet_succubus – Queen of the Succubi
17)Cosmetic_Pet_crawlingHand – Friendly Gauntlet
18)Cosmetic_Pet_cowking – That Which Must Not be Named : http://imgur.com/QEBEfMb
19)Cosmetic_Pet_bladedsoul – Galthrak the Unhinged : http://dh-deluxe.de/files/images/ptr2-4-1/pet-galthrak1.jpg
20)Cosmetic_Pet_yeti – The Bumble : http://dh-deluxe.de/files/images/ptr2-4-1/pet-yeti2.jpg

UPDATE: Here is a list of the new unique enemies that were added. Try looking for them!
FallenChampion_A_Unique_Cosmetic_02: Regreb the Slayer
TentacleHorse_C_Unique_Cosmetic_02: {ph}Princess Lilian{ph}
TentacleBear_C_Unique_Cosmetic_02: {ph}Sir William{ph}
FallenShaman_A_Cosmetic_Unique_01: Graw the Herald
x1_TriuneSummoner_C_Unique_Cosmetic_01: Nevaz
ZombieSkinny_B_Unique_313: Ravi Lilywhite


Dark Bat (Drops from Tethrys)

This 2.4.1 update is yet to have an official release date, but the patch shouldn’t be too far away.

A new Diablo game is currently in development from Blizzard but in the meantime check out this recently discovered Cow level in Diablo 3.

Take a look at some of the wings and transmogrifications in this fan-made video below: