Best The Division Easter Eggs, Secrets and Pop-culture References

Tom Clancy’s The Division has a very extensively design world, and while it has all sort of threats, opportunities, enemies, missions, and references to a world that has been torn apart, there also are a number Easter Eggs. We have made a list of all The Division Easter Eggs that we could find alongside all the details on them that we could get, so that you can check them out yourself.

Tom Clancy’s The Division Easter Eggs

Splinter Cell – Sam Fisher’s Goggles
Okay so the first one is a pretty iconic item for the ones who have been a fan of Tom Clancy’s other games as well.

When you are in Manhattan, in the first base of operations, go to the mission that asks you to clear out the Post Office. It is situated between the between 31st and 33rd on Pennsylvania Plaza, on the 8th Avenue. When you are done, look past to your right and you will see the iconic goggles of Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell sitting on top of a desk.

Adventure Time
You will recognize this one right away if you have been fond of watching children’s cartoon shows. When you go to the corner of West 31st Street and 9th Avenue, look for the rough path and goo down it, you will reach a special homage to Adventure Time done specially by Ubisoft.

Grow Home and Raving Rabbids
It won’t be the first time that Ubisoft has stuck in a Grow Home reference to one of their games, but this one of The Division Easter Eggs turns it into a board game along with Raving Rabbids, the Rayman spinoff.

Just go to the corner of West 29th Street and 9th Avenue, and look for a wooden door with the American flag. Take the door and go upstairs to the room with a bookcase full of board games including the ones for Grow Home and Raving Rabbids.

Shaun of the Dead
When you are in Chelsea, head to the 9th Avenue and take the alley between 23rd and 22nd streets. There is an Echo Log in there that makes a reference to Shaun of the Dead, the Simon Pegg movie, specifically, the iconic dialogue ” “What’s the matter, Debra? Never taken a shortcut before?”

World in Conflict
Have you played World in Conflict, the Ubisoft Massive game from 2007? If not, The Division wants to lure you back to try it out with another Easter Egg. There is the HighLow Electronics Store situated on the West 22nd Street and 8th Avenue. Inside the store you will find the game.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Michelangelo’s Nunchucks
Apparently, the virus was so bad that our childhood’s star crime fighter Michelangelo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles couldn’t save himself from it. Why else would his iconic orange nunchucks be found lying around on the corner of 7th Avenue and West 31st Street?

Just get to that location and look for a pizza box half buried in the snow that has the word “Radical” written on it. The nunchucks are right next to it.

Sons of Anarchy
This is probably one of the most reused The Division Easter Eggs because you can see Sons of Anarchy references all over the place in the town. There are these yellow and black billboards showing a man’s back. On his back is written “Saviors of New York.” The character and the artwork on his back is not the same as the famous Sons of Anarchy posters but the resemblance is uncanny.

Breaking Bad
By far, the most exciting Easter Egg that I have seen so far, but that may be because I was and still am crazy about the TV show. Nonetheless, the game allows you to catch up with Johnathan Pinkman and William White – as if we don’t know they are talking about good old Jesse and Walter.

You can get this in an Echo that can be found near the safehouse in Wolves Den, on a rooftop.

Ubisoft Studio – For Honor and Grow Home
There is this safe house in the game which is actually the Ubisoft development studio. You can find it on the 43rd and 2nd AVE. Inside the studio there are tons of references to Grow Home as well as For Honor.

Rick and Morty, Tom Clancy, and The Joker
There are tons of these billboards that have wanted posters pasted on them. Did you stop to check if any of them could be read? Well, you should because in there are references to not one but multiple people we like.

Firstly, there is one for Rick and Morty where a poster says about a guy that he was last seen screaming “Wuba luba dub-dub,” we all know that is Rick. Then there are others looking for a “Thom Clancy” although they decently added next to it that “the H is silent.”

Last but not the least, Ubisoft managed to bring in a reference to the Batman’s nemesis, The Joker. One of the posters is for Joker Nicholson, a guy who uses the phrase “why so serious?” a little too frequently.

Mr. Bean
Many of us have grown up watch Mr. Bean and the rest got the chance to go through his adventures later because their elder siblings told them to. But regardless of all that, we are hardly going to miss seeing a very exclusive reference to the character in The Division when we see his sofa tied to the roof of a car.

There is a sad side to it too, you can see the good fella dead on that sofa too.

The Mass Rat-Killing Site – Dishonored OR HP Lovecraft
This is one of the more creepy and unexplained The Division Easter Eggs; there is a place near the corner of Broadway and 25th Street where you can see hundreds of rats killed and piled together. There is a sense of foreboding in this, but that adds to the aura even more.

We are not sure if it is a reference to Dishonored the game or a nod at The Rats in the Walls, a story by Lovecraft.

The Simpsons
Who doesn’t like The Simpsons, but no matter how much you like them, Homer loves his donuts more. Ubisoft decided to add a touch of that to the game as well by showing those donuts. You might think there could be no connection, but the developers have made them so visible not only by increasing their size, giving that pink topping, and the textures that they look almost the same as the ones that Homer likes.

Check out the image below (thanks, WhatCulture)

The Division Easter Eggs

Aiden Pierce – Watchdogs
The game might not have fared as successfully as Ubisoft wanted, but it is still an IP worth exploring. Which is probably why the developers have actually brought Aiden Pierce of Watchdogs to The Division, just to rekindle your thoughts on the franchise.

Mysterious Ghost Girl
Okay this last one might be one of The Division Easter Eggs or it could just be a glitch, however, there appears to a mysterious ghost girl in the game. Check out the video at around 1 minute and 30 seconds to catch a glimpse of her and decide what it is.

Did we miss out on any of the Easter Eggs? Let us know in the comments and we will add them.